Posters for Locally Grown 8

Let's make something! 

I had a super fun summer of making things for fun people! A local vocal power house and amazeballs lady I know from Cadillac, Rachael Davis asked me to make her some posters. I obliged and what ensued was a bunch of good clean fun. 

The concert is the eighth installation of a series called "Locally Grown" that invites people that came from Cadillac High School to come back and perform their songs with the orchestra. 

Rachael is a literal singing angel that will bring you to tears. Its happened to me many times. Maybe I'm a cry baby, maybe not. So I'm jumping way ahead but the concert was amazing. I sat there and remembered all the band concerts I performed on the very high school auditorium stage I was watching. It was incredibly nostalgic and sweet. 

In hind site incredibly humbling to make art for. 

So back up to before the concert, cause, you know I was printing them that day. Rachael came over to my house and HELPED ME PRINT THEM. How fricken cool is that? Its cool. Really cool. So anyway I loved every minute and am incredibly lucky to make design for people I admire so much. 

Talon Controls

Illustration Fun! 

I've been working with Marketing Refresh all summer as a freelance designer on projects like this for their clients. The images below are illustrations for Talon to help explain the flow and security of their medical carts and cabinets. Talon is a leading manufacturer of medical carts in the United States, and they are located in Texas.