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3 Tips for Providing Your Designer with Feedback

Working with a designer should be a fun and engaging experience. All design is a process of research, sketching, designing, refining and redesigning sometimes, until you reach a suitable product. Graphic design like logos and websites are a product of a relationship - you can definitely tell when its good. 

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Gopherwood Posters 2017-2018 Season

I've been volunteering my poster designs to a local non-profit for about 3 years now. Gopherwood Concerts is a local to Cadillac organization that for 35 years now, has brought awesome musical acts to our quiet town. 

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How to get the Word Out

So, you started a business - YOUR PASSION - and you have a spankin new logo to slap on everything from stickers to hats to can coozies. That's how you market, right? Sort of... When I meet with small business owners, we start by having a conversation about their business, logo, website, photography and marketing. The latter, in my mind, are the elements of your Getting the Word Out Kit. Each has its own complexities and processes, and all work together to paint a complete picture for your audience and customers. 

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Video Post: Take a Walk Through My Sketchbook

I had decided that I would try to sketch and fill a whole Field Notes pocket book on the trip, and it turned out to be the best idea! I sketched our experiences every day as they happened and got a lot of good practice and fun designs to use. 

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