cactus illustration series

Client: Charmellow
Project: Posters
Tools: Illustration, Lettering, Procreate App, iPad Pro


I love cactuses, and in 2018 went back to Phoenix to visit some friends. I filled a whole Field Notes journal with lettering and illustrations of cactuses. This series is based on those sketchbook drawings. I brought them back to life in digital illustrations and lettering using Procreate app on my iPad Pro. The thing I wanted to accomplish was drawing things using the same brushes and color palette- making them all look similar and part of a family. I forever love this series because of the way it was originally drawn in real time on vacation and how it translated to such a cute series. 12 x 12 inch prints and 4 x 4 inch ceramic tiles are something I would love to make available in my shop this year! See the original sketchbook in my Take a Walk Through My Sketchbook blog.