Client: Anders Beck & Paul Hoffman
Project: Logo, Promotional Materials
Tools: Hand Lettering, Adobe Illustrator


PhAb is a musical side project comprised of Paul Hoffman and Anders Beck of Greensky Bluegrass. In spring 2018, they asked me to make a hand lettered logo, and I came up with this hand drawn ligature of their initials. They have since used it on promo posters and merchandise.

social size phab_05.png
2018-02-24 20.39.49.jpg
social size phab_02_05 copy.png
2018-02-24 20.39.52.jpg
poster size phab_05.png
2018-02-28 19.56.38.jpg
2018-02-24 20.39.42.jpg
2018-02-28 20.11.52.jpg
2018-03-15 15.43.23.jpg
2018-04-25 13.02.36.jpg

Paul texted me this photo when he got the merch order, it felt like the perfect tada! ending to this story.