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Case Study: BSC Performance Solutions Website Design

BSC Performance Solutions Website - Marketing Refresh’s Client, I freelanced for MR.

BCS Performance Solutions orchestrates facility-wide energy plans and systems. Their systems are implemented at universities, hospitals and facilities. Their long term plans that ultimately cost a lot of money, but usually save the facilities tons of money by employing evaluation, equipment and education.

To take a little complexity out of their process, I designed an infographic chart that illustrated side-by-side the difference that BCS Performance Solutions can offer. We designed this originally for their marketing sales sheets, but the infographic was also redesigned to be interactive on their new website home page as well as part of a custom power point presentation. The site needed to be sophisticated to attract the universities and hospitals, yet energetic and friendly. We accomplished that with a team of people that organized the content, wrote copy and I then designed that info into manageable user interfaces.

Feedback from customers and partners was really favorable. Right away it became a valuable sales tool, immediately clearing up any confusion of their process right on the website. Partners commented on the clarity it provided, and what a nice vibrant design it was.

Quote from Trey LeBlanc, project management from Marketing Refresh

Hey Team!
I wanted to take the opportunity to pass along some GREAT feedback we got from Chadd (PS Director) this morning.
Chadd passed along to us that there’s been “an overwhelming positive response to the website”. So much that even their partners are using the site as a sales tool.
All of your hard work, professionalism and independent dedication to your crafts have delivered a site that has resonated well beyond the clients expectations. On behalf of the MR Team... Thank You for ALL of your hard work! Dani! You were definitely the ‘Rockstar’ of the project! Thank You so much for being incredibly easy to work with and accommodating! I’m looking forward to our next project! Thanks Dani!