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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes to Facebook Look

No surprise here, folks. Facebook is constantly working to update their platform, and some changes may be coming down the line for you, as well. Staying current on these changes are essential for getting properly sized images that aren't poorly spaced or cut off by Facebook's cropping. There is a new cover photo size, that is 828 x 315 pixels - or just a slightly more square dimension. I imagine that scales better for mobile. 

So it seems they are rolling this change out slowly, but the main things to note are:

1. Unobstructed cover photo. 
You can now see the whole image without the title, buttons or anything else obstructing the view. Designers rejoice.  

2. Compact Info bar: Goodbye tabs. 
I'm totally in favor of this design update. They have cleaned up the information that has been lingering over the cover image into a compact bar that houses your immediate information needs. In my opinion the profile photo for a business page should be your logo anyway, so the fact that they made it much smaller is okay with me. So everyone, put a nice clean logo in that space and let your cover photo shine with all the personality your business encompasses.  The former tabs of info have now moved into a responsive parallax right hand navigation. 

3. Flip flop of left and right navigation for desktop. 
So they redesigned the left and right page navigation for the better. I like that you have the minimal responsive (formerly "tab" info) menu on the left, and then photos, events, videos, reviews and more scrolling down the right side of the newsfeed. Makes more sense for our left-to-right reading and natural information separation, and for my OCD. This change isn't as noticeable on mobile, but you can tell that they have moved a lot more of the "right hand column content" and insight info to the top of the page, and you have to scroll further for the newsfeed. 

Along with these visual changes, there are sure to be other less visible updates. But as your neighborhood designer, its my duty to keep you current on the visual changes! So update those profile pics to clean logos, and adapt your cover photo to fit the new sizes.