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Posters for Locally Grown 8

Let's make something! 

I had a super fun summer of making things for fun people! A local vocal power house and amazeballs lady I know from Cadillac, Rachael Davis asked me to make her some posters. I obliged and what ensued was a bunch of good clean fun. 

The concert is the eighth installation of a series called "Locally Grown" that invites people that came from Cadillac High School to come back and perform their songs with the orchestra. 

Rachael is a literal singing angel that will bring you to tears. Its happened to me many times. Maybe I'm a cry baby, maybe not. So I'm jumping way ahead but the concert was amazing. I sat there and remembered all the band concerts I performed on the very high school auditorium stage I was watching. It was incredibly nostalgic and sweet. 

In hind site incredibly humbling to make art for. 

So back up to before the concert, cause, you know I was printing them that day. Rachael came over to my house and HELPED ME PRINT THEM. How fricken cool is that? Its cool. Really cool. So anyway I loved every minute and am incredibly lucky to make design for people I admire so much.