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Gopherwood Posters 2017-2018 Season

I've been volunteering my poster designs to a local non-profit for about 3 years now. Gopherwood Concerts is a local to Cadillac organization that for 35 years now, has brought awesome musical acts to our quiet town. 

I recently learned where the name Gopherwood came from and its a pretty relatable story for most folks up here in Michigan. The name came from the commonality that all the members had to "go-for-wood" in the winter months for heat. Pretty funny Northern humor if you ask me. 

This year I made more of a templated design than I have in the past. I used the same top title with the year, and the same footer bar with all the info at the bottom. I'd say adding that into the design definitely allows the people who view the posters around town to see that it's part of a series. Another thing that I did with the house concert posters (they had 3 this year) was created a different living room poster for each artist. Generally, the design comes from knowing the artist personally, having listened to them for a long time or I listen to them for the first time and from that knowledge, create a design that jives creatively with the music or person.

Here are all the posters from this years line up. Enjoy!