Dani is a rockstar!

I loved working with Charmellow because of Dani’s timeliness, attention to detail—things she thought of that I wouldn't have thought of, her ability to make changes quickly… The Wordpress training she provided was very helpful, and I don't know that anyone else would have done that. After working with Charmellow, my business has a brand new look. My clients love the web redesign because it’s easy to use, they love the fresh modern look that was important for my business, and I love all the priceless features.

Anna Zoromski-Linde - Zorophoto

Our website tells our whole story now.

I loved how easy it was to work with Charmellow—seamless— from info exchange, to implementation, to the site and away we went!! Email or telephone—it was easy to send stuff, Dani implemented it all and there were no problems. We don’t have to tell our whole story now when someone calls, the website is doing that for us.

Chad Mettler - t-4 Group

We were hesitant about rebranding, but Charmellow made it easy.

Carrie and I had reservations about getting a new name/rebranding and where it would take us. Now, people can associate our brand with us. Before people would recognize us for our work, and now they know the brand and our work much more. We now have a boutique look and stand out from the competition, which makes us more comfortable charging what we charge. We’re also matching up with clients better now and shooting higher end weddings.

Katie - Sisters Studio

I will hire Charmellow again and again!

Dani and I worked together on some journalism projects, and when I was launching my website, I knew I wanted her to help me design it. I was floored not only by how organized and professional Dani was, but how affordable she was. I thought her prices were incredibly reasonable, especially for the amazing amount of attention and design I got. So when I needed a logo for another project, I knew exactly where to turn—and I’ll continue to use Charmellow and recommend her to all my clients.

Lacy Boggs - Ghostblogger.co

Customer Service
I love making you look good, but I also want you to know that I give a crap. Like really give a crap. Your business keeps mine going—quite literally—and I pride myself on being solution oriented. 

Every business is different, and I understand that. I know how to target your specific, ideal audiences and offer solutions that are as unique as your needs and goals.

Who is Charmellow?
Charmellow was founded by the one-woman powerhouse named Dani Renwick. (My editor made me say that.) I thrive on a passion for making your business look EFFING awesome. I have the skills, the creativity and the vocab to get it done, son.

My Story
I'm from Northern Michigan, and that is where my path to amazing artistry and client navigation started. A community college professor I admired went to art school in Detroit (CCS), and made me want to know more.

The College for Creative Studies in Detroit had a reputation for being art bootcamp that preceded them. I busted my ass and learned how to tell stories and create meaning through the things I was designing. Part of what makes CCS a unique experience is that the core of the graphic design program is research. Getting to know EVERYTHING about your subject before sketching a stroke. This, and working through hundreds of ideas and sketches to get to the true solution, is what sets me apart from the other people vetting for your design work. All kinds of world class artists and designers come from that little art school in Detroit, and I am one of them. 

I packed up and headed to Denver in fall 2006. Colorado was magical. I was determined to stick around a while. After about two months of ramen noodles, I connected with a publication company that made official visitors guides for major cities. Soon I was designing specialty tourism guides, official state maps for Colorado, and editorial layouts for anywhere from 6-12 guides at a time. 

The people at this company were all young, vibrant and REALLY good at making guides under deadlines. I learned so much about design with this company. Huge print runs of over a million maps, press checks, visiting and managing clients, pushing design and more. Working with these different regional teams gave me great perspective on markets all over the country. I was able to spot kerning and leading mistakes from great distances, and tell an RGB photo from a properly converted CMYK. The sheer amount of content produced for these guides made all of us eagle eyes in the editing room. 

I was able to show off the publication design I was really proud of over Facebook to people in my home land of Michigan. Word traveled. Freelance requests came in. 

I moved back to the cozy Mitten and endured some critical life changes. I struggled. I forced friends and family into logos and business cards. Hoxeyville Music Festival asked me to create a poster for them in 2011, and that was the start of something legit. I was ridiculously proud to help represent them in a really professional way. My favorite band of all time took notice of my poster and event artwork, and called me for some design work. Dreams do come true, people. 

Through volunteering in my community for festivals and events, I became friends with Will & Lindsey from Bit Social Media. We have worked on a few projects, and together are able to offer comprehensive design, web and social media work. 

I'm a world-class designer working from a quaint little town in northern Michigan. I love making things better. I believe my clients can achieve their business goals through their investment in design. Let's do this. 

Real design from a real designer.