Charmellow : Graphic Design & Letterpress Studio
Real design from a real designer.


real design from a real designer

who is charmellow?

Charmellow is a one-woman powerhouse named Dani Renwick. (My editor made me say that.) I thrive on a passion for making your business look EFFING awesome. A Northern Michigan native trained at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, I have the skills, the creativity and the vocab to get it done, son.

I love making you look good, and I want you to know that I give a crap. Like really give a crap. Your business keeps mine going — quite literally — and I pride myself on being solution oriented. 

what does charmellow do?

Every business is different, and I understand that. I know how to target your specific, ideal audiences and offer solutions that are as unique as your needs and goals.

Research is at the core of my design process. I believe good design tells a story and conveys meaning, and to tell your story well, I’ll get to know EVERYTHING I can about your business before sketching a stroke. This, and my willingness to work through hundreds of ideas and sketches to get to the true solution, is what sets me apart from other designers.

I can tell your story through:

·       Logos

·       Branding & Consultation

·       Graphic design

·       Web design

·       Lettering & Illustration

·       Photography

·       Project management

·       Printmaking: screen printing, offset printing, letterpress

Bottom line: I'm a world-class designer working from a quaint little town in northern Michigan. I love making things better. And I believe my clients can achieve their business goals through their investment in design. Let's do this. 


nice things people have said about me

Dani is a rockstar!

I loved working with Charmellow because of Dani’s timeliness, attention to detail—things she thought of that I wouldn't have thought of, her ability to make changes quickly… The Wordpress training she provided was very helpful, and I don't know that anyone else would have done that. After working with Charmellow, my business has a brand new look. My clients love the web redesign because it’s easy to use, they love the fresh modern look that was important for my business, and I love all the priceless features.

Anna Zoromski-Linde - Zorophoto

We were hesitant about rebranding, but Charmellow made it easy.

Carrie and I had reservations about getting a new name/rebranding and where it would take us. Now, people can associate our brand with us. Before people would recognize us for our work, and now they know the brand and our work much more. We now have a boutique look and stand out from the competition, which makes us more comfortable charging what we charge. We’re also matching up with clients better now and shooting higher end weddings.

Katie - Sisters Studio

I will hire Charmellow again and again!

Dani and I worked together on some journalism projects, and when I was launching my website, I knew I wanted her to help me design it. I was floored not only by how organized and professional Dani was, but how affordable she was. I thought her prices were incredibly reasonable, especially for the amazing amount of attention and design I got. So when I needed a logo for another project, I knew exactly where to turn—and I’ll continue to use Charmellow and recommend her to all my clients.

Lacy Boggs