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Case Study: Greensky Bluegrass Website & Artwork

Greensky Bluegrass Website 

Greensky Bluegrass is my favorite band and a nationally touring sell-out every show bluegrass act. They originate from my home land of Michigan, and are now headlining shows all over this great country. Our relationship started when they asked me to design them a Summer Tour shirt in 2014. Then they asked me to redesign their website, working with a developer to create an all new

They needed a new site design that visually represents them and all five guys. Their previous site functioned,but lacked any kind of personality. The new site had to encompass the same functionality and function in a mobile capacity. We went through a number of designs that were nice, but really didn’t encompass all the originality, heart, travel, lyrics and oddities of life that this band so appropriately captures in their songs.

I went out on a shaky limb and provided the management a funky half-man, half-wolf design that collaged vintage oddities with hand drawn items, places, people, marquees. What surfaced from that intense collaginating was a new hand-drawn logo and vibe. Each page features a different header that shows different scenarios and vintage fantasies. These guys have imagination, hopes, dreams and musical vision like we see in famous hard working bands. This site works to represent all of those things as well as song lyrics and my personal inner fan girl perspective.

Ultimately the limb held up and my design went over quite well with fans and other bands. The band is able to feature new downloads, merchandise and press in a fashionable yet whimsical way. We have taken pieces of the collage and hand drawn logo and used them on Fall 2015/Winter 2016 Downloads, and all print and digital promotions around the country. People steal these posters and handbills off the walls and post them on social media like trophys. That feels pretty good.

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